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Strength of Cooperation

Owner of the company: Akoren Cooperation

Herd: 400

Breed: Holstein

Milking System: 2x12 Sub-way Parallel Milking Parlour

Automation: Herd Management System

Milking Intelligence: Heat Detection

Date of Installation: 2015

Akoren Cooperative Company was founded in 2012 for increase the level of income at village base. They decided to make an investment to village and had a milking parlour which has ability to identify each cow. 

They assigned a tag for each cow. Cows had to leave the farm to go to milking center everyday. When milking is done they had to go back again. Like Pavlov's experiment, cows get used to live like that. Thanks to heat detection ability of tags, farmers are also happy to know correct time to inseminate their cows. 

Customers' Opinions

Es Group

New investment from group

Another successful investment from Es Holding Co.


Expert Assistance
Serpil Öztürk
Agricultural Engineer
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