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Manure Management
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The correct and efficient manure management protects you from ilnesses, increases quality of milk, and maximize the cow welfare. The farms which are good at the manure management minimize the cost at every equipments at their farm. Handling the manure which is collected also can be a source for you at many different subjects.

Why is it really important?
  1. It increases the milk and milking quality.
  2. The hygiene of your farm is maximized.
  3. The diminishing level of Nitrogen and Ammonia regulate the climate at your farm.
  4. Cow performance and milk quality increase with the increased cow welfare.

Give your attention at these:

When you are planning the manure management at your farm you should know what you are expecting. Collecting, transfer, strorage and treatment should be your general jobs at your manure management system. 


Manure Scraper System
Manure Separator

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