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9 Patents, maximum comfort and performance.
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Dough Kneading Machine


KM06021 :10 kg Un / 12 kg hamur
KM06018: 25 kg Un / 35 kg hamur
KM06019: 35 kg Un / 50 kg hamur
KM06020: 50 kg Un / 75 kg hamur

Stainless Steel Buckets


20 L
25 L
30 L
40 L
50 L

Pourquoi Kurtsan ?

Vous avez beaucoup de raisons pour choisir Kurtsan.


Kurtsan is one of the greatest producers in the sector.

Kurtsan, with its 32,000m2 of area for production, owns one of the biggest plants in the world producing milking equipment. 90% of its products offered by Kurtsan are produced in this plant.


Thinking of your budget, Kurtsan produces energy saving products free of problems.

Future costs are reduced via 144 spare parts produced in the plant. Electricity consumption is minimized using these energy saving products.


Kurtsan makes you life easier.

Kurtsan products are simple to use with the quality craftsmanship and engineering.


You don't risk with Kurtsan.

Kurtsan designs products with 28 years of experience. The future problems are already considered with solutions and precautions.


Kurtsan utilizes quality material for you to use your machines just as in the first day.

All parts in contact with milk are made of stainless steel in Kurtsan products. Piping system materials are food grade. Milking liners have raw materials with certificates.


Kurtsan focuses on using environmentally friendly raw materials and keeping modern facility structure.

Kurtsan products mean no harm to the nature; because Kurtsan is aware of the responsibility for the future generations.


Kurtsan is always with you.

Kurtsan makes mass production. You have no issues with spare part provision for the lifetime of your machine.


Kurtsan is solution-oriented.

Your problems are immediately attended to and solved via 7/24 remote connection and telephone support.


Come as a customer, Stay as a family.

You can get ideas, suggestions and support from our engineers on any issue about dairy business.

Avis de nos clients

Kilavuz Dairy Co.

Je trais 1000 vaches tous les jours, pourquoi devrais-je prendre des risques?

Kilavuz Dairy Company est l'un des modeste ferme de la Turquie.


Teray Milk Co.

J'ai choisi Kurtsan parce que je veux le meilleur.

Kurtsan a de nombreux salons à travers le monde. Quand j'ai connu que ces exploitations fonctionnent correctement, j'étais sûr ....


Koytepe Dairy Co.

Je préfère la technologie ...

Je crois que Kurtsan occupe une place importante dans l'évaluation de l'activité laitière en Turquie.


Moliva Farm

J'ai un système de gestion du troupeau qui fonctionne correctement.

"Activités de contrôle et correcte inséminations sont nos avantages."


L’aide d’experts
Serpil Öztürk
Agricultural Engineer
Hello, you can ask everything about dairy and Kurtsan to me.
+90 (212) 605 09 09
Selahaddin Eyyubi Mah. 1596 Sk. No:26 2. Evren
Sanayi Yanı, Esenyurt - İSTANBUL