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Founded in 1985, Kurtsan is a company which produces milking machines, dairy technologies and farming equipments headquartered in İstanbul,Turkey. Kurtsan is a family company and offers products in over 60 countries and services at 219 destinations in Turkey. With 160 employees and 32,000 m² indoor factory, Kurtsan is standing as the biggest production facility of milking machines in Turkey. In the factory of Kurtsan, there are head offices, stainless steel process center, plastic injection center, molding center, painting center, welding center, mounting center and quality department. Since 1985, Kurtsan produced 135,000 portable milking machines, installed 371 farms in Turkey and 18 farms in different 15 countries. With the modern technology of stainless steel production, Kurtsan produces one stainless steel bucket in three minutes. Maintaining its leadership in Turkey, Kurtsan is becoming popular at Europe at operations of animal welfare.

Customers' Opinions

Hagl Farm - Vietnam

First Kurtsan Mega Farm in Vietnam

With the computerized system, it is easy to determine which cow can be inseminated or which cow to milk..


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Serpil Öztürk
Agricultural Engineer
Hello, you can ask everything about dairy and Kurtsan to me.

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